Overview of our raw materials

Below we offer you an overview of all our raw materials that we use to produce our PURE-products. Do you have further questions or suggestions about our sustainability promise? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to your inquiry!


Stearin candles are a sustainable alternative to conventional paraffin candles. Stearin is obtained from vegetable or animal fats and oils. In terms of quality stearin candles are considered to be of higher quality, which is also noticeable in their weight – they are considerably heavier.

The melting point of stearin is much higher. Paraffin candles can soften already from 40°C and lose their shape stability.

The strict requirements of the Nordic ECO Label SWAN are only fully met by using animal stearin.  Stearin from palm wax or soy does not meet the strict criteria of this sustainability label! Two thirds of our candles are made from stearin, for the remaining third we use rapeseed wax (Canola) from Swedish cultivation.

Stearin fats cause the lowest CO2 emissions of all wax types. Such a candle saves over 60% CO2 compared to a paraffin or soy wax candle and approximately 20% CO2 compared to palm wax candles.


Our stearin consists of animal fats and is absolutely sustainable. It is obtained from animal waste and thus we contribute to the facts that all parts of an animal is recycled and nothing ends up being wasted. We source our stearin from Europe and deliberately do not use Stearin from soy or palm oil which damages the rainforest or is grown in monoculture.

Pure Waxes Ecofriendly