Overview of our raw materials

Below we offer you an overview of all our raw materials that we use to produce our PURE-products. Do you have further questions or suggestions about our sustainability promise? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to your inquiry!


Rapeseed (canola) is an economically important crop and is grown all over Europe. Thanks to short transportation routes and an optimized supply chain, we manage to source our rapeseed wax environmentally friendly.

The bright yellow plant is used to produce rapeseed oil and for animal food and it is one of the most important and productive flowers for the European bee colonies. One hectare of canola can bring in up to 494 kgs of honey harvest in one flowering season! When the rapeseed flowers are wilted only the dry rapeseed pods remain on the stems. It contains the rapeseed from which the oil is pressed. This oil is partially used as biofuel or as edible oil. It is also a popular raw material in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and serves as a basic element for materials such as colours, bio-plastics and much more.

Rapeseed wax proves to be very stable and therefore is perfect for a clean and uncompromising result. The wax is slightly yellow in colour and 100% vegan. Thanks to its long burning time rapeseed wax candles are very economical.

Pure Waxes Ecofriendly