Overview of our raw materials

Below we offer you an overview of all our raw materials that we use to produce our PURE-products. Do you have further questions or suggestions about our sustainability promise? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to your inquiry!


Coconut oil has become indispensable in our households. The all-rounder is not only known for its effects in cosmetics and care products and for the taste in a variety of dishes, but is also ideal as an alternative candle wax.

A coconut tree can live up to 80 years and carries fruit all year round.It bears about 20 kgs dried core meat from coconuts every year. The dried fruit of the coconut is called copra, which is processed into grated coconut or oil. Everything about a coconut is used: the fibers as a filler, the shell as activated carbon and the remains of copra as animal food.

Coconut wax has a strong white color and is 100% vegan. Thanks to the smooth nature of surface, the wax has excellent burning behavior. It burns very quietly and slowly and has a nice wall adhesion to the glass.

Pure Waxes Ecofriendly