Natural Wax – Glas

The candle in the glass is the ideal companion outdoors. The closable glass lid protects the extinguished candle from wind and weather, so that it remains reusable even after a rainy night outdoors. The surface of olive wax is crystalline, while the other natural waxes are smooth.

This candle is available in our four different natural waxes (olive, coconut, rapeseed, beeswax). All products in our sustainability series are made from natural and renewable raw materials and are free from palm oil and genetically treated soy wax. Find out more about our waxes under wax science.

The candle convinces with a particularly long burning time and the quiet, low-soot and Co²-neutral burning and the reclosable and reusable glass.

100 % natural wax
100 % plastic-free packaging
100 % Made in Germany with love

↑ 120
Ø 70

~ 25-30 h burning time
Pure Waxes Ecofriendly